Treating ADHD in Children Naturally

Well here are some statistics that go a long way to explaining why so many people asking whether can ADHD be treated naturally rather than through conventional medication which is often prescribed through inaccurate ADHD diagnosis: 20 million children are now on medication worldwide for ADHD.

Every 8 hours a baby is born with birth defects as a result of psychiatric drugs. Every week a child goes into a coma because of psychiatric drugs: every month 4 children die because of the side effects of psychiatric drugs: Every week a child commits suicide attributed to psychiatric drugs; 12 international drug regulatory agencies have issued severe warnings on drugs like Ritalin. Child psychiatric disorders are on a frightening rate of increase and no one knows why. In the light of statistics like this, natural remedies are now becoming the first port of call in dealing with this condition.

The FDA and other international drug regulatory agencies require warning labels to be placed on all ADHD drugs. The freedom of information act has brought to light many of the problems with these pschotropic drugs. ADHD drugs are stimulants, with many side effects. These can range from suicidal thoughts, worsening of behaviours, anxiety, eating and sleep disorders. The lists are endless. There are alternatives but information on these approaches can be overwhelming as to which can be the most effective.

treating adhd in children

So what can help then? Get all the people involved with your child to agree to these new boundaries for him or her and get them to encourage the disired behaviours. It is vital that all the people involved with your child is aware of your childs behaviour contract – which is a common trait within many families and especially with the relationship between home and schools. After the questions have been answered, a rewards scheme can devised to help your child achieve the new behaviour standards.

Bach Flower Remedies, devised by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s is a complete emotional management system. This can help your child cope with emotions, stress and even confidence problems. Diet can play a large part in ADHD behaviours as can vitamin and mineral supplements.

Exercise is important in balancing out the neurotransmitters in the brain and producing those feel good factor endorphins, even more effective when undertaken I green areas, being out in nature. Core issue formulas are natural ways to address deep seated issues and traumas which anchor emotions which are triggered by sensory memories

Art therapy in an approach called universal frequency therapy looks at breaking down neural nets. These area mind map associations of past experiences that trigger the deep seated memories of events which are held onto and are often subconscious but can cloud the way we behave. Therapies which are designed to help the sensory organs relax are important as many children diagnosed with this condition have problems trying to relax and very often sleep patterns are disturbed and tiredness is another behavioural factor which leads to hyperactive type behaviours that can be misdiagnosed.

Hopi ear therapy helps to address problems like undiagnosed glue ear where children have not developed a full range capacity of sound processing and can get overwhelmed by information processing in noisy classroom environments with poor acoustics.

More natural treatments for ADHD, include gently aromatherapy massages, that will help children relax and unwind. Just vaporising simple oils like lavender and chamomile in the child’s environment can have a drastic impact on reducing hyperactive behaviour.

A particular form of colour therapy called the rainbow journey is based on how children respond to different band of colour information and how this colour connections carry vital messages around the brain – Children who are exposed to ultra violet light for short periods of play in the mornings are able to concentrate for longer periods as their serotonin levels and feel good factors are increased. Genetic damage can be repaired.

New and exciting discoveries amaze us by the day but what is exciting is this healing process can be traced back a hundred years ago to the father of radionics a doctor Abrams. He led the path to discovering the amino codes which is a natural way of putting new templates into the cell for the DNA to restructure itself, the information carried to the genes to repair itself though the way that cell proteins form patterns in response to intricate environmental signals.

And finally children with ADHD learn better in a natural and kinaesthetic environment. Such as getting your child to do outdoor projects such as planting and helping with farm animals. So your child can learn responsibility and compassion in dealing with animals.

The best way to use these natural ways of treating ADHD is to pick and mix the treatments that you think can help your child.

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