What Are Nootropics?

Also known as memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, smart drugs or intelligence enhancers, nootropics are nutraceuticals, drugs and functional foods that helps to improve one or more aspect of mental function. It has been specifically designed to motivate and improve working memory as well as improve attentiveness.

what are nootropics

They have a protective effect meaning that they help prevent memory loss and other cognitive defects in people who have suffered from brain damage whether it is in form of chemical, alcohol or physical such as accident or stroke. Nootropics are also used to treat condition such as Alzheimer disease. In addition to that, many people use them to improve productivity and improve focus.

How do nootropics work?

Nootropics work just like any other approved drug available in the market and that is, it causes chemical change within the body so as to achieve the desired effect that the body wants. However, the mechanism that they use to act is actually more complex than other drugs. This is because the structure of the human brain is more complicated and require a more complicated approach to handle it. Although there are many types of nootropics, they all use the same principle to deliver result that the body wants.

They work by triggering the neurotransmitter which is responsible for creating physical pathways that usually determine our moods and the way we think. They work by either increasing the level of neurotransmitters or prevent their levels from dropping below the optimum levels. Some can also decrease the level of neurotransmitter below the optimal levels. Whatever the case they alter the chemical balance of the brain so as to help attain a degree of high intelligence on a temporary or permanent basis.

Does notroopics really work?

Various clinical research that have been conducted by independent institutions have revealed that nootropics really work and they aid in improving memory. There are also plenty of websites that are promoting nootropics now, including FocusHereAndNow.com. When you take this memory enhancer, your brain will make more neuronal connections meaning that you will be able to recall and make better decision. In the long run, nootropics can help to improve both your short term and long term memory. In addition to that, you will be able to easily create, store and retrieve new memories.

Do nootropics have side effects?

Various clinical studies that have been conducted on these smart drugs have shown that it does have side effects to users if the drug has been approved by relevant regulating bodies such as FDA. There are many types of nootropics and the truth is that not all of them have not been approved by FDA.

If you don’t have to suffer from side effects, ensure that you purchase a supplements that is recognized and proved by relevant bodies. In addition to that, people who have long term medical condition such as diabetes and high blood pressure are advised to first conduct their doctor before taking this supplement. Pregnant mother are also advised not to use this drug.

Best candidate for nootropics.

The best candidates for this medication are those who suffer from frequent memory loss. It is also recommend for people who want to enhance their thinking capacity.

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